Proud Co Ovenglove – the lowdown

Now, everyone who knows me knows I spend all my spare time in the kitchen. I love it. And my oven is always on. And my fingers and hands are usually sporting some form of burn or other in some wonderful shape. Until now!

A few weeks ago I was sent this oven glove from a company called Proud Co, and instantly I loved the look of it.

This is not an ordinary oven glove, no no, not by any means! This glove has some serious heat resistance, and can withstand temperatures of up to 500 degrees F. It is made with a mix of Neoprene and Silicone, which means nothing to me to be honest, but trust me when I say you cannot feel the heat when you pull things out of a hot oven!

It has a lovely shape, and fits to either hand much better than the ordinary oven mitt would, and this is machine washable and waterproof! I accidentally covered this glove in golden syrup on this and it has washed like a dream!

The pattern on this glove is a simple neutral design, and would go in any kitchen.

I had to give this glove a mention, they are a much needed bit of kitchen kit for any baker, rarely mentioned,  and this is a special one. I already plan to make my purchase of a few more for little stocking fillers for family this Christmas!

Justin, who owns this company tells me this glove is designed for comfort and style, and I have to say it has ticked all the boxes for me!

The only thing left to say is head over to Amazon to Grab one now, at £8.99 on the sale they are a bargain!

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