Oreo Rice Krispie Marshmallow Treat

These little bites of heaven are easy to make, and of course, contain Oreos (Why would they not?!) Great for lunch box treats and party bites!

1 pack oreos
45g butter
150g rice krispies
320g mini marshmallows

To start, you need to bash up your oreos and mix them in a bowl with your rice krispies. These need to be in a variety of sizes, so I take some out and snap them by hand in quarters, and then the rest I pop in a sealed bag, cover with a tea towl and give them a little bash with a rolling pin (to ensure a nice mix of sizes to not over ‘bash’!

Now, I grease a square tin (approx 32x23cm), with low calorie spray oil. You could line a baking tray with parchment, but I would still grease this (this is a very sticky recipe!).

Next, in a large pan (as large as you can, the heavier the better, slowly melt your butter. When this has fully melted, add the marshmallows and cook gently until they are completely melted and blended, stirring constantly. At this point, do not, as I did, dip your finger in to have a taste. It still hurts now, ouch!

You have to be quite quick now, so once this mixture has all melted, take it off the heat and straight away add the cereal (much easier to add the cereal to the pan than the other way round, trust me). Now simply lightly mix together until all the cereal is well coated.

Now, transfer the mixture in to the greased tray. You may need damp hands for the next bit, or rubber gloves, simply as this is so sticky it does not work well using bare hands.

You now with your hands just press this mixture tightly into the corners of the tray, and also flatten the top.

Now all that is left to do is allow to cool for a few hours and then cut into squares with a sharp knife. (I also drizzled some white chocolate on once cooled, but this is completely optional depending on your preferences!).


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