Mini Cake Popsicles – Makes 12

If you have not seen these mini cake popsicles doing the rounds over Instagram, where have you been?!

These little cake popsicles are actually a waste saving exercise for cake makers, and a beautiful one at that. These look pretty snazzy, but believe me when I say they are so easy to make.

The best thing to do with these is to use the trimmings from your cakes when you make them, and use your leftover buttercream; but, I made 6 cupcakes (halving my vanilla cupcake recipe) and made a tiny bit of buttercream by hand, using a spoonful of soft unsalted butter and a few spoonfuls of icing sugar mixed in.

You can use any flavour cake, buttercream, or even salted caramel.

Ingredients (makes 12)

100g cake (leftover cake trimmings are perfect for this, and any flavour will do)
1-2 tablespoons of buttercream (again, leftovers will do)
1 bag of candy melts
Sprinkles (completely optional)

So, start with, you will need a popsicle mould, which you can find here.

Next, melt some of your candy melts. As the mould makes four at a time you only need 1/3 at a time, however it is worth noting that the magic of candy melts is that even if they go hard, you can pop them in the microwave again and again and again and it will be as good as new every time. They are super! Just melt them in a microwave, in 10 second blasts until completely melted. Now, spoon this into the mould until you have covered the bottom and the sides completely, and pop in the fridge for 5 minutes.  For extra shine, you can add a drop of vegetable or coconut oil once melted, but you only need a tiny amount.

While this is in the fridge, crumble your cake mixture into a bowl, and add your frosting, a spoonful at a time until your cake mix is all mixed together.

After 5 minutes, take your mould out of the fridge, and squish in your cake/buttercream mixture, ensuring that you don’t pack it full as the candy melts need to go over the top and round the sides of the cake. Now pop your lollipop sticks in. And then simply spoon your candy melts (which you may need to pop into the microwave again for 10 seconds or so to warm through again) into the mould until completely covered. Tap the mould a few times to get everything where it should be and to remove any air bubbles, and pop in the fridge again for another 10 minutes, or until set.

Once set, simply peel out of the mould, and your little popsicles will be ready to demolish!

Repeat this another 3 times, and you will have 12 gorgeous cake pops!

If you chose to decorate with sprinkles, you can do so. I used some melted candy melts, dipped the end of the popsicle in (think a FAB ice lolly) and then dipped in sprinkles.

Now, go make these and impress everyone!


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