We are 5!

Wow, well today, Saturday 19th January 2019, is The Shire Bakery’s 5th Birthday! This is an incredible and monumental and so as I am up early I thought I would put a few words down about it!

So, about 6 years ago, I was making cakes and cupcakes for bars, restaurants and cafes around the Newcastle coast. I loved to bake (I still do by the way!) however it never really satisfied a need in me. I was purchasing lots of things for my baking from the USA, and people started to comment about where I got my baking cups from, where I got my sprinkles from, etc, etc. And so The Shire Bakery retail plan commenced.

We started out in January 2014 selling baking cups, Aprons, paper straws, and a few retro and kitsch baking things. I loved this, but realised that maybe I needed a few more bits in the store, so slowly but surely, I started adding colours, cookie cutters, bags, and lots of other bits, including sprinkles.

This worked quite well for a while, a good few years in fact! I also worked full time, so this was my little side hustle, and whilst I dreamt of building it up, I had no idea how!

This continued for a good few years, and then in 2017, with the sprinkles on our site being so popular, I launched the Sprinkle Club. This is a huge success, and something I am so proud of, and we are expanding on this in the coming months, so keep your eyes peeled!

Towards the end of 2019, I made the brave (some may say stupid!) decision of making things much simpler on our site. With Sprinkles being so popular, we want to have a huge range of these online. So, we are slowly but surely dropping the other cake decorating bits we sell online, so we can specialise in sprinkles. Of course, we will still be selling our popular colours, glitters, lustre dusts, etc, but we decided to stop competing with all the other fab cake decorating stores out there.

One thing we are bringing out this year is cupcake and cake kits. These will be 24 cake cases, a pack of sprinkles and 12 cupcake toppers, all in a sexy little gift box.

So, this is a good opportunity to simply say thank you for supporting our small business. We are incredibly grateful, every single order makes us do our happy dance, and you have given me the opportunity to create a business and stop sleeping with my dreams, but being able to get up every day and be able to chase them!

Right, I am off to make pancakes and have a goodly celebration! Thanks Guys! xx

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